The journey started in between dirty tape hiss waves and gnarly bass drums. Since then crssspace still discovers soundscapes and crosses gaps and blanks. His sound recently evolved into bass driven synth-funk that is always bounced back to a 4-track tape-recorder. Urban mythologies and naturalistic concepts of being in the world inspire crssspace’s compositions that sometimes sound deranged and offbeat-focused. His first release on Leipzig-based beat label Resistant Mindz is a reflection of his past sound that he wants to release furthermore under the name ahab. Since then he constantly travels everyday worlds and far away galaxies.

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DasKidmo a.k.a. Erdflchtlng

Imagine a vast planetary surface right in the middle of a million people metropolis. Slow jams, reverbed background samples and patiently blended-in vocals define this interplanetary-urban surface and it’s human or non-human inhabitants. DasKidmo’s beats are the soundtrack for an interstellar space in midst of urban chaos and traffic. He transcends as a producer and human being to find his way through worldly matters. Crystals and other energetically active substances help him create his deeply evolving beats. The music represents the overcoming of all calamity, the becoming of inner peace and harmonious compositions in tune with mother nature.

If DasKidmo drops a line and raps it, he becomes the Erdflchtlng.

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Delta Aquari

There's not a whiff of a doubt: Delta Aquari is a lunatic. A lunatic obsessed with a drifty sprouting beat and billowing grumbling synth sounds. Sometimes restraining himself from not buying food in order to get his next buzzing machine. Not just famished yet, he got his hands on a continuously growing treasury of pulsing, groaning and droning devices that he bosses off pat and with the grasp of an usurpator. The result of all that is now meditative ambient, then maenadic and frantic techno music, always flattering your esthesia and making you cutting the rug. Delta Aquari has this certain je ne sais quoi that won’t fail to wow you, pinky promise. 



How could one possibly not love this man? After more than a decade of producing music he managed to keep the ludic drive of a five-year-old, feeling at home somewhere in the fringe zones between twostep, house and broken beat. Unremittingly digging aural gold, he is a never ebbing sea of laid-back and sexy precious tunes, always prompting you to shake a leg. You cannot delude Dessau enrooted Duktus who is a familiar face in  Central Germany’s beat producing scene and beyond. Quite a jesse, kicking it homestyle.

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Konvolut Mormor

If it’s not rumbling rattle and raucous bawling, it’s of no use for Konvolut Mormor. His disposedness to analogue synth sounds, bucking beats and fatuous tunes will please you. The simplicity of Mormor’s music, that is to some extent rooted in his clumsy incapacity, and to some extent in his proclivity for plain straightforwardness and über vanguard, will captivate anyone who is a sucker for analogue LO-FI drone and bustle. While everyone else is already dancing, Konvolut Mormor is still tinkering his envelope. The proof is in the pudding. And where the rubber hits the road, Konvolut Mormor knows the pot to hoist.



Having Ranko on your roster is a godsend. Not only keeps this jack of all trades on and on ravishing you with his wide scope of beat music ranging from housy to dodgy to smooth, from happy-go-lucky hip hop to chillwave to big beat. The founding father of the OverDubClub, Leipzig’s first regulars' table of beatmakers, also is the man behind several seminal music projects such as the 3er Abgriff. A restless pulser and an imaginative networker. Meanwhile relocated to Bremen, Ranko is still pulling the strings from afar, dropping it low and hitting the quan from the distance. What’s up next, Roberto Ranko?

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Rhua a.k.a. Niedermoor

Hailing from the North of the republic Rhua is on his mission to fathom out the depth of lo-finesse, embarking on rhythmic expeditions, letting his sonic compass guide him through the trenches of densely layered samples. Everything audible he deconstructs and remoulds into bumpy, choppy beats always pushing onward to venture further into uncharted sonic territory.

As Niedermoor on the other hand he is honing his skills in the digital realms. Somber soundscapes ranging from dark ambient to experimental techno are his trademark. Now calm and smooth, now a bit unsettling, yet never out of groove. 

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Om mani padme hum. Samadi, worshiper of sun and moon and Pachamama, combines billowing and wafting tones with swaying but steady world beat rhythms and adds a little zest of vocal samples to it here and there. This laid-back mambo bambo engenders such a good mood, you can downright hear the big grin Samadi has while producing it. His empathic approach to beat music is the all-round carefree package. May all creatures be blessed with this man’s vibes.

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It sounds like tiny machines made out of fluid water form a soundscape that moves under cloudy samples and synths. Leipzig-based and Erfurt-rooted producer Schmeichel is the pilot of this musical ensemble. Convoluted drum breaks and mesmerizing melodies pull through the structures of his compositions. They seem to overlap and vibrate as the tracks move onward. Smoked out nights in his studio full of curious instruments inspire Schmeichel to compose tracks that have already reached the world in form of his album Expectator. He recently self-released a 10 inch mini album on vinyl limited to 10 copies. 

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Boy! This smog, he knows which knobs to nuzzle. The tune he is playing always is the tune you were wet dreaming about. Cannily picked beats and on point samples, intermingled to become the perfect soundtrack of your night time stroll through the intra-urban jungle. Smog is taking you by the hand and convoys you whilst you are detecting your musical sweet spots. Swoopy loopy, boom bap boogie, this whizbanger wraps you into a cozy dome of lukewarm hubba hubba haze.  

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