Trim Chimera Split Tape02. 18. 2017

Recorded and curated 2016 this tape represents producers from Sydney-based DIY tape-label O-Nei-Ric Tapes and the Pattern//Select roster from Leipzig, Germany. Each side is carefully picked and selected by labelheads A'daleis, KONVOLUT MORMOR and crssspace. Designed to guide listeners through a carefully plotted musical story, the Trim Chimera Split tape is by all means a message from around the globe. Different voices gathered and packed together to combine beat-art on high-bias ferromagnetic tape for analogue listening goodness.

The digital version is is recorded directly from tape to incorporate the analogue character for digital listeners even if all tape copies are sold out.

Released Jan/2017

ERDFLCHTLNG02. 18. 2017

DasKidmo switches personalities and becomes spoken-word artist Erdflchtlng leaving the planet in a hypnotical search of more habitable worlds. Slow jams, reverbed background samples and patiently blended-in vocals define the Kidmo beats on which spoken word - often without a clear message and more used as an instrument - blends in patiently. ERDFLCHTLNG leaves us with this astonishing 2016 release. Because "'s the truth".

Released Oct/2016

Pattern//Select[ion] #102. 18. 2017

Leipzig-based electronic music and beats on the first beat compilation on Pattern//Select. Guests from Belgium and the US.

Featured producers are FRI$, arbour, smog,DasKidmo, Orange Fingers, crssspace, Schmeichel, Duktus, Ranko, mormor, Angel Palermo and Weltunterklang

Featured rapper: Capriisun

Released Feb/2016